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RPCOL: Pioneers in Cash Security and Efficiency at GAT Expo Cartagena

This year at GAT Expo Cartagena 2024, RPCOL strengthens its leading position with a significant participation. Its history in Colombia is extensive with reliable technical tools for automating the money management process, improving security in cash counting, adding technology with the option to print the series of each bill for the peace of mind of those who deliver and receive a significant volume of money. , as is the case of casinos, permanent betting points, transactional networks, money exchange offices, etc.

During the GAT Expo Cartagena, RPCOL will reveal its latest innovations. Among them, the GFS-220-C series, an advanced bill counting and validating machine. This equipment excels not only for its counting accuracy, but also for its ability to verify the authenticity of banknotes, a vital element in the gaming industry. The GFS-220-C is distinguished by its effectiveness in reducing errors, generating confidence in both operators and clients.

RPCOL will also provide technical consulting at the expo. These sessions will allow attendees to get personalized quotes, evaluate return on investment, and understand the benefits of your products.

In conclusion, RPCOL’s participation in GAT Expo Cartagena 2024 offers a unique opportunity. Industry professionals will be able to discover the latest advances in cash management technology and explore how these innovations can improve their operations and increase security in their businesses.

GAT Expo Cartagena, in addition to exhibiting machines and cabinets for casinos such as roulette wheels and slots, offers categories of essential services for the operation of gaming rooms such as furniture, chairs, tables, lighting, cyber security, and physical security. Hence, the importance of an item like the one represented by RPCOL to guarantee businessmen and clients in the management of physical money.

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