Gat Networks


About us

GAT Networks is GAT Gaming & Technology Expo’s information platform to keep its audience updated on the development of GAT events, from its various locations. Using streaming technology, GAT Networks is a fresh and bold digital news that will deliver content of interest to all players in the gaming and entertainment industry with videos, interviews and live broadcasts, covering the most relevant moments with the participation of prominent businessmen, directors of guilds, authorities and special guests at GAT events.

After the great success of the GAT Showcase Bogota in 2023, we are preparing for an unprecedented transmission in GAT Expo Cartagena 2024, an event that we will cover with a journalistic and production team of first level to bring through live signal, informative capsules and timely reports to personalities and industry leaders, sharing highlights of both the exhibition stands and all the activities of GAT Expo Cartagena 2024.

We invite your company to join the opportunities offered by this informative platform created by GAT, Gaming & Technology Expo, in strategic alliance with Nueve Producciones.